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CMMS Secrets

  By Mike Sondalini  

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cmms, maintenance management software adviceThe value in the "CMMS Secrets" whitepaper is that

For obvious reasons, this experience and knowledge are unknown (a secret) to the end user first exploring the purchase and implementation of CMMs software.  What Mike Sondalini has written is very forward thinking that is blinding obvious to in-the-field maintenance practitioners but totally missed by CMMS implementers in the office. The valuable insight in this whitepaper is just as important to those designing CMMS software. Mike Sondalini sums it up nicely...

 "If they do what I have written about they will get a lot of early success in their implementations."
  like a 2 for 1 discount and more!pdf ebookPDF format allows you to print these Whitepaper out and let all of your facility personnel read them! Not only is multiple copies in your facility allowed, but the author encourages it! (Try finding a training CD, book or other media that offers free multiple copy value.)
Put a copy in your break room today! (12 pages)

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Table of Contents

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Job types on work orders.
Valuable secrets in every work order report.
Job descriptions tell tradesmen what to do.
Equipment identification tags save time.
Use written work instructions.
Use words on work orders instead of code numbers.
Components of an effective maintenance system.
The 9 great benefits of a CMMS.


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