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Pump Types Explained

  By Mike Sondalini 

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centrifugal pump water pumpIf you own, work with, or are studying a water pump, sump pump, pool pump, chemical pump, industrial pump, or any other type of pump, you will find the knowledge in this book by Mike Sondalini very valuable.

Mike gives you insight to design, uses, installation, calibration, troubleshooting, and maintenance for the various pump types in his book titled "Pump Types Explained". Mike starts out with details about the centrifugal pump with pump curves, cavitations, and how to correct the situation.

In addition to the centrifugal pump chapters, the peristaltic pump (hose pump), metering pump (dosing pump), gear pump, helical pump, and the magnetic drive pump are explained. Of special interest during the design phase is Mike's cost/accuracy guide to pump types.


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water pump centrifugal pump

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Table of contents

Please click on section below to see abstract. use your browser's back button to return to this page after reviewing abstract for section.

1 1 2 Changing the service duty of a centrifugal pump.
1 4 3 Effects of running centrifugal pumps on the right end of the pump curve.
1 10 5 Magnetic drive (Mag drive) pump experiences.
2 6 5 Problems with peristaltic (hose) pumps.
2 7 5 Helical rotor pumps - benefits and limitations.
3 2 1 Gear pump operation and maintenance.
3 5 2 Metering & dosing pump operation.

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