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Troubleshooting - Basic Electrical Troubleshooting - Electrical Control Circuits Troubleshooting - Motor Control Circuits

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V4 Electrical Troubleshooting Skills Series

XP, Windows 7 & 8 compatible software (64bit or 32bit)


Troubleshooting electrical equipment can be difficult and hazardous. Ineffective troubleshooting skills can lead to extended equipment outages, increased costs of repairs and lost revenue from non operational processes – it can even lead to accidents or injuries.


If you are looking for a highly effective way to learn systematic electrical troubleshooting and problem solving skills – look no further. These award winning electricians software products are ideal for learning electrical troubleshooting techniques in a safe environment. The Series starts with the Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits program (TEC), then take the Troubleshooting Control Circuit program (TCC) and finish up with the Troubleshooting Motor Circuits program (TMC). Use these industrial maintenance training courses for your electrical training programs and help reduce downtime of equipment and cost of repairs as well as reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.


safety Learn to troubleshoot in a safe environment

realworld Perform troubleshooting activities just like on real equipment

circuit simulations 5 circuit simulations and over 130 faults to solve

electrical sim Solve faults on realistic simulations

electrical troubleshooting tutorial Let an Personal guide you through the troubleshooting approach

hands-on Develop your skill with a practical hands-on approach

troubleshooting skills Assess your troubleshooting skill and provide a score as you progress through the programs

skill assement Programs track and record every step taken and provide feedback

certificate of completion Each of the 3 programs print a separate certificate of completion

instructor software Administration tools and program guides are available for Instructors on network versions


Designed for use by Instructors, Supervisors, Students and experienced Tradespersons.

Instructors: Use Business or Enterprise Editions as part of your classroom training course or as part of an E-Learning or Distance Education course.

Supervisors – Use Pro Edition to improve the troubleshooting skills of your staff, and your company’s bottom line.

Apprentices and Students – Use Personal Edition to learn to safely and effectively troubleshoot electrical circuits.

Trades people – Use Personal Edition to further develop and hone your electrical troubleshooting skills.



Here's a little bit of feed back on your Troubleshooting Software. First off, the guys here love the programs. A couple of them even use it on their lunch time!
-Mark Wisniewski - Conoco Phillips

It had some challenging faults that actually helped me improve my troubleshooting skills which I have since been able to apply on my current job as an industrial electrician. For learning and value it was excellent.
-Esto Jackson

Let me first say how great your program is. A great way to hone my troubleshooting skills. Some people will get up in the morning and have a coffee and play a game of solitaire on the computer. Myself, even though I have finished all three programs, I still try to solve one or two in the morning with my coffee. Just waiting for a new series to be released, is this going to happen? If so, when?
-Tony Wortman


... It's here Tony, and it's called the V4 !! And it is Windows 7 & 8, XP - 64 and 32bit compatible software !

These are award winning CBT programs. Our demos are available for download in the download area of this site, check them out and see for yourself!


All 3 programs are available as a Download or CD and can be purchased online.

Note: We have added buttons below to purchase the more common workstation license too. All Network/workstation Editions are the V4 version! Please click for multiple Workstations and Network Editions and special school pricing.  See below to order all 3 CDs in the V4 Electrical Troubleshooting Series which saves you $92 compared to ordering each title separately.

Email with download link sent immediately after purchase (large files) or you can choose the CD version with Free Shipping. You will receive a separate email with activation code for the electrical software downloads you purchased, within 24 hours.


Single User Personal Edition:
Price:  US$295.00 for download  or US$325.00 for CD (130+ Simulated Faults in all !!)

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More Testimonials:

"It [Troubleshooting - Motor Control Circuits] is one of the best educational software I have used to date. I especially like the tracking system and would like to see it applied to other software. It really helped me to see how the students were progressing and what key areas I needed to improve my delivery on. All in all a truly exceptional product."
Olden Court
New Brunswick Community College

"I love the MCCT program. It really helps my students improve their troubleshooting skills...MCCT does a great job at teaching troubleshooting fundamentals. When my students are troubleshooting my electrically live motor control trainers I have to be on my toes so they don't kill themselves. With MCCT I don't have to worry if they get ZAPPED and I can have over a dozen of them troubleshooting at the same time. I can't do that with my real trainers."
Thomas B. Mikulski, Professor
Honolulu Community College

* The Pro Edition provides evaluation and feedback for each fault attempt. It is suitable for situations where developing troubleshooting skills and providing practice is more important than the documentation of results. Users have access to the complete fault set, and can print out a progress report as well as a certificate of completion. 

* The Enterprise Edition includes all the features of the Pro Edition plus instructor resources and a more detailed evaluation system. Documentation of results, individual and group reporting, and certificates for successful completion make this edition suitable for use in formal training programs.

* Only the Enterprise Edition is available as  Concurrent Workstations on Network which allows the program to be installed on a server and allows the program to be accessed by any computer on the network. It is however limited by the number of computers that can access it at any one time, based on the number of Concurrent Workstation licenses purchased above.

* The Instructor Resources and instructor guide CD is included for the Enterprise Edition. Instructor resources include solutions to the faults, tips on using the troubleshooting program as an instructor based course, and course management software to view and help manage user files and reports. Click Learning Management System comparison details page.

Pro Edition - Unlimited users on 1 PC Enterprise Edition - Unlimited users on 1 PC

$ 1,595 (Course Management Software included)


More popular Workstation/Network Corporate pricing packages for site license of our industrial maintenance software.


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individual electrical software titles V4 Troubleshooting - Electrical Circuits (TEC)
electrical_control V4 Troubleshooting - Control Circuits (TCC)
motor_control_circuit V4 Troubleshooting - Motor Circuits (TMC)


Download Electrical V3 (old xp version) Software Demos:

 (note purchased V4 version are compatible with Win 8 and below, demos are not.)

Basic electrical troubleshooting Electrical Circuits Troubleshooting Training Demo


Demo our troubleshooting software on a

simple electrical lighting circuit.

Troubleshooting elevator controls Control Circuit Troubleshooting Demo


Demo our software on a more complex

 electrical control circuit for elevator control.

Motor control circuit Motor Control Troubleshooting Software Demo 26M

Demo our software for troubleshooting motor

controls (three phase reversing motor starter).


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